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Diocesan woman becomes consecrated virgin - The Catholic Times, August 7, 2023

Bride of Christ by Hawaii Catholic Herald, April 2023

Consecration Mass of Ms. Lauren Marie Gault, YouTube

Dedicated to Jesus in Virginity, The Florida Catholic February 19-25

UCAnews Philippine Diocese Consecrates Woman to a Life of Virginity February 16, 2021

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Catholic Outlook: Vocation of the Holy Spirit, 50 Years young May 31, 2020

Message of His Holiness Pope Francis on the fiftieth anniversary of the promulgation of the revised Rite of Consecration of Virgins (31 May 2020)

The Catholic Sentinel google alert on a Vrigin consecration, May 11, 2020

A Consecrated Virgin: A Path Less Traveled by Lori Hadacek Chaplin of Catholic Digest

Getting Married to Christ by Faith Catholic Diocese of Lansing, November 19, 2019

Consecrated Virgins in Acadiana by Ken Stickney of The Advocate, November 8, 2019

The Pilot from Cardinal Sean's Blog posted on November 8, 2019

Consecrated Virgins: 'I got married to Christ' by Valeria Perasso, BBC December 7, 2018

BBC names 100 most inspiring women - BBC, November 2018

Three Local Women become consecrated virgins this year:  The Catholic Spirit Archdiocese of Minneapolis

World Over - 2018-07-19- Full Episode with Raymond Arroy: At approximately 38:00 he quotes the USACV statement on ESI

SVA teacher to dedicate her life through the Rite of Consecration Southern Cross

Christ Alone - Andrea Polito added to the order of virgins  The Denver Catholic

As consecrated virgins, three women promise lifelong fidelity to Christ Catholic News Stories

With West Chester woman, Philly now has five 'consecrated virgins' 

I Am Happily Married to God - As a Consecrated Virgin.  Good Housekeeping  

Juliet woman prepares to consecrate herself to God.  The Herald News

Lemoore woman is first consecrated virgin in the Diocese of Fresno. by Carmen George of the Fresno Bee

No es posible sentirse sola si se tiene a Jesús, Eco Católico

Woman marries Jesus Christ, becomes consecrated virgin, USA Today

Fort Wayne woman marries God,

New Evangelization Television (NET), Diocese of Brooklyn video interview with a consecrated virgin.

The Anchor, Elizabeth Lee wrote about her vocation as a consecrated virgin in the Fall River Diocese.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Sheila Ryan of Valenica receives special rite from Diocese of Pittsburgh.

National Catholic Register, Bishop David Zubik of the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh consecrates a woman to perpetual virginity with an ancient rite restored in 1970. 

Jeanne McNulty, Order of Consecrated Virgins, Angelus, The Tidings Online, February 13, 2015

You Tube from Mount Angel Abbey, Oregon.  Loretta Matulich gives an explanation on the vocation of a consecrated virgin and where it is going in the future.   

Happily Married to Jesus by Matthew Gambino of the

Catholic Sentinel: Consecrated virgins from five different U.S. dioceses gathered for a weekend retreat at Our Lady of Peace Retreat House in August by Loretta Matulich and Regina Dibb

Philadelphia hosts consecrated virgins by Jeff Gammage, Inquirer Staff Writer

Taking Christ as partner and purpose St.Louis Review:  Theresa Prosser was fitted for her dress by Peggy Feldt at Custom Alterations in Valley Park. She will be consecrated as a virgin living in the world...

Consecrated Virgins: Witnesses of Christ's Love for all Souls Dedicated Women Serve the Church in the World by Susan Klemond; article featured in the September 2013 issue of the National Catholic Register

Dayton woman becomes first consecrated virgin in archdiocese ...
June 25, 2012. By Eileen Connelly, OSU. Sharon Borgert publicly responded to God's call for her during a Mass at the Cathedral of St. Peter in Chains 0n May 31, the feast of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Newest Consecrated Virgin 

By Leon Suprenant
    Last week, my friend Elizabeth Lam became a consecrated virgin in and for the Diocese of Oakland. Bishop Salvatore Cordileone was the presider for the rite of consecration, which was performed in the context of a Sunday Mass at the Cathedral of Christ the Light.
   Elizabeth is not bound to a religious community, but rather lives in the world. Through her consecration, she has made a total gift of herself to the local Church under the leadership of her bishop.
   There are only about 200 consecrated virgins in the United States, but there is a revival of this ancient rite taking place. As Bishop Cordileone noted at the outset of his homily, some of the most revered saints of Christian antiquity were consecrated virgins, like Sts. Cecilia, Lucy, Agnes, and Agatha.

Married to the Lord: A woman's faith journey leads her to consecrated virginity
Free Press: Detroit, MI: February 15, 2007; by Scott Alessi.
   Helen A. Qua walked into St. Cecilia Church dressed in white, ready to profess her vow of love to the most important person in her life. The ceremony that followed, however, was a very unique wedding.

Bride of Christ: Miami realtor becomes archdiocese's second consecrated virgin
Archdiocese of Miami (Florida): Decembr 2, 2006; by Ana Rodriguez-Soto-Miami.
   María de los Angeles Expósito got married Dec. 2. She wore white. A soloist sang "Ave Maria." The only difference between Expósito and any other bride is that her bridegroom is Jesus Christ — and the matchmaker was his mother.

Virgins by choice, women embrace ancient ministry
Free Press: Detroit, MI: August 23, 2005; by Patricia Montemurri.
   Accountant Judith Stegman, 49, praying in her basement in Haslett on Friday, considers herself married to Jesus and says she's no longer defensive of her decision to remain chaste. In fact, she wants to celebrate the beauty she sees in it. Sunday marked her 12th year of consecrated celibacy.

Women Wed Jesus in Ancient Rite
Post-Dispatch: St. Louis, MO: August 11, 2004; by Tim Townsend.
   Like many women, Carol Lankford fell in love with someone she had previously thought of as a good friend. When she finally received a proposal, Lankford set a date, bought a white dress and invited friends and family to a ceremony and reception. But on July 10, 1996, those witnessing the ceremony at St. Brendan's church in Mexico, Mo., could see only the bride, because Lankford's bridegroom was Jesus.

Houston woman joins ancient rite as consecrated virgin
Houston Chronicle: Houston, TX: May 14, 2004; by Tara Dooley.
   The bride wore white and carried a dozen red roses. But when the ceremony ended, Alice Claire Mansfield did not toss her bouquet in the air. Instead, dressed in a long white alb, Mansfield walked with the flowers through St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church to the sounds of Ave Maria. At a statue of Mary, she paused in prayer before placing the stems in a vase at the Virgin Mother's feet.

Canal Fulton Woman to become 'Consecrated Virgin December 8
Catholic Exponent: Youngtown, OH: December 5, 2003; by Susan K. Virgalitte
   The consecration of a virgin lay woman is an ancient tradition in the Catholic Church restored during the Second Vatican Council. It is becoming popular again today with women who feel the call to dedicate their entire lives to God while living and working in the world.

Cohoes Woman a Rare 'Bride of Christ'
The Gazette: Schenectady, NY: November 22, 2003; by Katy Moeller.
   As a sign of her devotion to Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church, Judith Mary Hervieux wears a gold band on her ring finger. She's not married — at least not in the traditional sense. Nor is she a nun, who may wear a ring to symbolize her commitment to God. Hervieux is a consecrated virgin.

Sacred Brides of Jesus Christ
Rocky Mountain News: Denver, CO: October 4, 2003; by James B. Meadow
   In a culture where sex and sexuality flash like neon, where promiscuity seems to coil on every street corner, it's no wonder the faith-driven course of Anne Inkret and Celeste Thomas seems utterly strange. Inkret and Thomas are consecrated virgins, brides of Jesus Christ, adherents of a calling that is almost as old as the Catholic Church itself.

West Michigan woman is area's first consecrated virgin
The Catholic Connector: Grand Rapids, MI: September 2003
   In today's society, it takes a strong and rare woman to stand up and publicly commit herself to God as a virgin. She has to be prepared for those who will not understand the meaning behind such a commitment. But within the community of the faithful, she finds support and understanding.Such a woman exists here in West Michigan: Amy Shank was consecrated by Bishop Kevin M. Britt on Aug. 10 at the Cathedral of St. Andrew.

'Married' to Christ, these women devote their lives as consecrated virgins
Lansing State Journal; Lansing, MI; August 31, 2003; by Shirley Jones
   Karen Bussey got married 11 years ago. She had the white dress, the band of gold and the church, fragrant with flowers. But there was no visible groom. "Today, I become a bride of Christ, a consecrated virgin," she said. With those words, Bussey, 47, joined a little-known, ancient order of women in the Roman Catholic Church. Consecrated virgins currently number about a thousand worldwide, including 100 in the United States and five in mid-Michigan.

A Bride of Christ: Virgins' Order Dates to Second Century
The Oregonian; Portland, OR; June 27, 2003; by Nancy Haught
   Most of the suburb is still asleep. At 5:15 a.m., the night sky begins to seep away, but morning bides its time. A soft knock at the door is answered quickly. Inside the yellow split level, what was once a living room is now a chapel....Today, Matulich is 61, a resident of Oregon City and a modern version of an ancient order in the Catholic Church. She is not a nun or a sister or part of any religious community. She is a consecrated virgin, set apart as a bride of Christ but a woman who, in the language of the church, "lives in the world."

Taking Jesus as Spouse, and Living a Life in Prayer
Bewdley Parish Worcestershire, England; undated, 2003; by Francine Parnes
   As Kathleen Danes prepares to become a June bride, in her bedroom closet hangs her gown, in a shade of sky blue. It is not that Ms. Danes is ineligible for virginal white. Quite the contrary; at her church ceremony, she will formally become a consecrated virgin wedded to Jesus Christ.

Nasce a Terni l'Ordo Virginum
Diocese of Terni Narni Amelia, Italy; June 8, 2003
   With a solemn celebration in in the Cathedral on Sunday, June 8, the presence of the Order of Virgins has begun in the Diocese. The virginal consecration of Emanuela Buccioni is like the small seed of an institution, an "Order of Virgins" around the diocesan bishop— new in our days, but ancient, like the Church of the first centuries.

Cardenal Errázuriz Consagró a Seis Mujeres como Virgenes de la Iglesia
Archdioses of Santiago, Chile; May 3, 2003
   Six women, most of them professional, were consecrated as Virgins of the Church by Cardinal Francisco Javier Errázuriz, during a liturgical ceremony Saturday, May3 , at 10:00 a.m., in the Metropolitan Cathedral. With this consecration the "Order of the Consecrated Virgins" is born in the Archdiocese of Santiago.

La Crosse Woman on Rare Path as Consecrated Virgin
La Crosse Tribune; La Crosse, WI; April 21, 2003; by Gayda Hollnagel
   Barbara Swieciak has a college degree and is a former elementary school teacher and librarian. Yet Swieciak has found fulfillment in another field, that of a consecrated virgin, committed to living her life for Christ.

In rare rite, women pledge to live their lives as virgins
Chicago Tribune; Chicago, Ill.; Jan 4, 2003; by Julia Lieblich, Tribune religion reporter
   Theresa Ann Marie Drajin walks up the aisle of Holy Name Cathedral Friday at her consecration as a virgin ceremony. Cardinal Francis George takes the hands of Theresa Ann Marie Drajin during the ceremony Friday evening at Holy Name Cathedral in which she was consecrated as a bride of Jesus Christ.

Susan's Unique Marriage
FAITH Magazine; Lansing, MI; December 2002; by Patricia Majher
   A simple gold band - inscribed "beloved" - is the only outward sign of Susan Cummins' special calling. Is she a married woman? Yes, but not in the sense you'd think. This petite brunette with a warm, wide smile is mystically espoused to Christ.

Woman Begins Vocation as a 'Consecrated Virgin
The Dallas Morning News Dallas, Oct. 4, 2002
   The September afternoon sun slants through the chapel windows, casting a clear, soft light on Shalina Stilley. Her white satin gown shimmers like sunlight on water, highlighting her own natural glow. Standing on the altar at the Church of the Incarnation at the University of Dallas, she looks the picture of a bride on her wedding day.

Catholic women become consecrated virgins
Beloit Daily News; February 17, 2001
   At the bridal shop, the saleswomen were puzzled. Angela Scannapieco didn't want to register. Junette Romero didn't want a consultant. Both women were buying dresses, but not for a regular wedding. Instead, they needed gowns for an ancient Roman Catholic rite so rare that fewer than 100 American women have gone through it: The Solemn Rite of Consecration of Virgins for Women Living in the World.